Peachy Pie – Meet Lisa Miner

It is time to meet one of Funktion Junktions special dealers! Today we are featuring the amazing Lisa Miner #29 of Peachy Pie Designs and Finds.


Lisa Miner grew up in Minnesota and has lived in River Falls, Wisconsin for the last 13 years with her husband, three children and their Yorkie “Dixie”. They enjoy camping, fishing, skiing, and ATV trail riding. Lisa graduated from Mankato State University with a major in Interior Design and a minor in Graphic Art. Lisa has been crafting, repurposing, and decorating for the last twenty years, starting out just for the fun of it and grew it into her own business Peachy Pie Designs and Finds.


“My little house was getting so full of all my “treasures”. It felt like a good time to expand my operation.” -Lisa Miner


With Lisa’s background in design she felt it was a good time to expand her passion and start selling her finds at Funktion Junktion. Scouring garage sales to find items she can repurpose. Lisa makes mittens from wool sweaters; funky pillows from men’s shirts, and the cutest totes from farm feed bags. Lisa is also known for her painted furniture and teaches chalk-painting classes at Funktion Junktion.

“Chalk paint is so fun and easy to use and gives such a great distressed effect. I love sharing my passion and knowledge of chalk painting.” –Lisa Miner

 Lisa’s education helps her select quality pieces of furniture others might pass on. It also helps her arrange furnishings and accessories in Peachy Pie Designs and Finds booth.

In her booth you will not find one style but a mix of clean line furniture mixed with ornate Victorian style accessories, pastel colors, and frilly details. Lisa draws inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube as well as her fellow dealers at Funktion Junktion. Lisa has hopes to see Peachy Pie Designs and Finds grow to include assisting people with home staging and decorating for parties and holidays.


“I love discarded pieces that need repair. Anyone can go buy a brand new piece of furniture.

Not everyone can see the beauty in a discarded piece that needs some TLC.”

-Lisa Miner

Meet Jennifer Zarriman

It is time to meet one of Funktion Junktions talented consigners! Today we are featuring the amazing Jennifer Zarrinnam #112 of Twinkle Toes


Jennifer Zarrinnam, her Husband, and two boys live in Madison Wisconsin. Jennifer loves to explore and travel weather it is at a thrift store in her city or an antique store in another state. Jennifer grew up traveling with her family as her father was in the air force. On one of her family vacations in North Carolina she visited a little boutique where she saw jewelry made of buttons and was determined that this was an art she wanted to pursue.

“My creations have evolved over time. Trial & Error! I try & improve as I create.” Jennifer Zarrinnam

Jennifer started Twinkle Toes in 2004. Specializing in creating sweet handmade adornments, hairpins, pendants, rings, earrings, and more fashioned from vintage buttons, jewelry, and other salvaged and up-cycled items.



“I love a good find, weather it’s jewelry, tableware, buttons, display items, or mannequins, it’s the thrill of the hunt!” Jennifer Zarrinnam

Jennifer has her own studio at her home, which she calls her creative zone. She has organized it with loads of shelving and vintage containers to hold all her bits and pieces. Hanging on her walls is artwork from her artist friends to give her inspiration. Jennifer loves to spend time here creating and tries to spend a few hours a week on her creations.

Jennifer's Studio.
What a great space to create!

You can also find Twinkle Toes at   (Madison WI.)!visit_us/csmt (Janesville, WI.)